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Bewegung, Improvisation und Klang
26. Dezember 2018 – 5. Januar 2019
in el Centro Párraga sowie am Strand in Los Alcázares, Murcia, Spanien
Umsetzug: Ingo Reulecke, Selu Herraiz y Trinidad Martínez

Wasser als Inbegriff des Lebens, mit seiner reinigenden Kraft scheint uns eine fantastische Entsprechung für einen performativen Workshop nahe und am Mittelmeer. Nicht zuletzt wollen wir über Formate die draußen wie drinnen passieren können eine Relation zum Wasser und seinen mannigfaltigen Eigenschaften finden.  WIr können uns die Qualitäten des Wassers zu nutze machen und uns somit in dem Wasser mannigfaltig annähern.
We will be working with the theme of „water“ as a kind of metaphor of „connection“. We would like to inspire ourselves from it, from it sound it movement. How is our point of connection or space of connection with each other. What is this place of connection between our inside world, meditative world, dance world, etc. and the outside world, the others, the political world, etc….
We will be working in the theater, then going close to the water, then going back to the theater. It is like a retreat in a retreat. And in a way a continuation to our writing exploration from the last summer.

…fein gekräuselt, grau gekräuselt, breiten sich unzählige Wellen unter uns aus. Ich berühre nichts. Ich sehe nichts. Wir können niedersinken und auf den Wellen landen. Das Meer wird mir in den Ohren donnern. Die weißen Blütenblätter wird das Meerr dunkel färben. Sie werden noch einen Augenblick dahintreiben und dann versinken. Sich über mich wälzend, werden die Wellen mich unter sich ziehen. Alles stürzt in einem ungeheuren Schauer , löst mich auf… Virginia Woolf, Die Wellen

Preise Kurs

220€,  260€ or 300€ (registration price until the 10th of November).

*You can choose between one of these prices depending on how much you can pay. Our wish is to make this gathering affordable for everybody. Please consider that the „normal“ price should be 260€. That would cover expenses and the minimum teachers wage.


1. Für Anmeldung bitte hier anklicken

2. Then transfer the price of the workshop to the following account:
Trinidad Martínez
Bank: GLS
IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 2066 1914 00
*Important: This money will not be returned, unless the organizers cancel the event. Thanks for understanding this.

Unterkunft in Murcia
Dezember 26, 27, 28 / Januar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (am 5te ist den letzte workshop tag)

Option 1. We help you to contact La Chimena Escénica, which is an artist collectiv space where you can lodge for 12€ the night. In order to get from La Chimenea Escénica to Centro Párraga you need to take the bus. You can do the reserve at the same time that you do the registration for the workshop, by paying the complete fee (please specify in the transfer):  84€.

Option 2. You can also get in touch with the hostal. It is easier if you do the reservation with them directly with them: the Hostal La Casa Verde. They have group and double rooms. If you talk to them, tell them that you come from the dance group which is at Centro Párraga. The price is from 16€ euros on pro night with breakfast. But do this as soon as possible, right now they still have space. The best way is to call them: 00-34- 968- 295031

Unterkunft in Los Alcázares
Dezember 29, 30, 31

Option 1. The days in Los Alcázares we can sleep at my parents house, which is quite big. It will be in a very informal way, you may have to sleep on a mattress on the floor. You should bring own sleeping bag. The price is 12€ the night. We can buy food and cook together. We could sleep maximum 15 people. You can do the reserve at the same time that you do the registration for the workshop, by paying the complete fee (please specify in the transfer): 36€

Option 2. Or you can book an appartment: 525 apartamentos. We are still in process of finding out the price.

Flug Ticket

Please, book your ticket as soon as possible and check you bus schedule from the Airport to Murcia before you buy your plane ticket!!!!

You can check Skypescanner or Ryanair to Alicante. Then you can take a bus (it takes like one hour) to Murcia with the Alsa bus company.


photo copyright 2016 Selu Herraiz

26. – 28 December at Centro Párraga.
26 Arrival and evening Dance session
27 and 28
Morning: Meditation, Yoga and Dance session
Afternoon: Dance session

29 December bis 1 January Los Alcázares Beach
Every activity will happen outsite. There is a very nice Promenade next to the beach. So we plan to do Yoga and dance at the promenade, with sand and maybe water (if it is not too cold).

Departure early in the morning with the bus to Los Alcázares (it takes one hour and cost 7€)
Morning: Meditation, Yoga and Dance session
Afternoon: Dance session

2. – 5. January at Centro Párraga
Morning: Meditation, Yoga and Dance session
Afternoon: Dance session
5 January departure day, class only until 14 p .m. approximately. Then we could eat together.


Centro Párraga by feet to La Casa Verde
Desde La Chimenea Escénica en Autobús hacia el Centro Párraga
By car from Murcia to the house in Los Alcázares

Was solltest du mitbringen

You need to bring a Yoga mat (or you can buy it for like 10€ in Spain). You need a sleeping bag if you you stay at my parents house. Bring comfortable clothes to dance outside. In the winter in Spain is warm during the day but at night you need to ware enough layers.