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entre líneas (between the lines) there is a space in the middle, and it is this space that I am most interested in reading.  The space that remains empty, the things people say without saying anything, I find myself here again and again. It doesn’t come from us directly, it comes from what we truly want to express.  Gestures, intermediate spaces where there seems to be nothing, not even dance, not even art, but where everything must be.  Moments of transition, of scribbles between forms, of existing between countries, languages, misunderstandings.  It is the inexplicable mental chaos, fighting back order.  I spend my time between these lines, deciphering what is hidden, what I have not yet written, trying to uncover, trying to taste the “big picture.”

entre líneas exists between movement, mind, and words, between the spontaneous and the rational.  It is the disorder in a room after a man leaves.  It is moving from the dance to what I write or what I am.  And it changes when I change, because I perceive it.

2019 Copyright Víctor Selva

entre líneas is not a collective, is it a personal fusion, of what I think, what I feel, what I believe, with other artists who inspire me to evolve and with whom it is possible to develop joint projects.  It is the concept or thought of collaboration, the modification of my straight line for a potential line of, unpredictable, unexpected, penetrable, open, happening before it happens, without labels or definitions, never closing itself.  In order to create something new, something more exposed and more vulnerable.  A connection that tans and is nourished by the years.

I love them and know them, and while they are not hundreds, they orient me.  In this interchange some fragments emerge, thick, dense, and light. Taking off from the “I”.
In my search with the others, I come back to be.
What I write, are thoughts. What they write, speak, say, tell me, is in a similar way, their dance.

I confirm: communication between two people or more is something intrinsic.  A unique animal, powerful and eternal.
Arising naturally.
There is a kind of selection in this process, not having to do with money or negotiations, but happening by itself, or chosen by us.  Without intentions…
I develop my own consciousness, and the one of those connections.