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how to support

There are two ways that you can donate for this fundraising: Send me an email and I will send you a bank account from the US, Germany or Spain so that you can make a transfer. Or you can donate through paypal (but you need to have a Paypal account): (if you are doing […]

party afterwards

Once I am in Seattle I would love to get together with all of you and celebrate. Celebrate the summer, that we know each other, that we dance, and anything else that we can imagine, together or by ourselves. I still don’t know where and how, but I will let you know. See you soon, […]

What is this project all about?

I am amazed about how dance communities can appear and grow, where we least expect it. And I want to support any possibility for this to keep happening. (Seattle contact improvisation, dance, yoga, and aikido communities have been a big inspiration for me.) After collaborating in several projects, Isabelle Kirouac invited me to teach at […]