EASTER DANCING March 28 – April 1

We would like to celebrate these holydays dancing and we thought that it would be a great idea to give a morning workshop followed by a dayly Jam. We will offer once in a while some guidelines to follow during the Jam, which will be based in the work that we have done during the morning.
There it will be two Improvisation and Contact Improvisation workshops but we would like to leave it a bit open to what the group is offering and the material that we have accumulated in these last months. Marisa has been doing a mayor investigation in Italy, Isabelle have been travelling over the last months in Marroco and Trinidad has been developing different projects in Hamburg. Meaning, to use the inspiration of the moment in which we are right now, in order to create something together with you.
Our body will be the main tool to begin exploring what we want to say, whatever that may be…


EASTER, trips in motion
March 28 – April 1
Murcia, Spain

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With Marisa Brugarolas and Trinidad Martínez

The point of depart: Observing which strategies we use to connect with ourselves, the room, the others. Where do we find inspiration, motivation, to become ready to create through movement. It is about finding awareness in the purpose of our expression or training. Do we dance just for the sake of it, or is it in order to get fit? Do we dance for the other people in the room, for an audience? How does our training influences us as people, artists? Getting our body, strong, flexible, grounded, open, receptive, sensitive is a wonderful feeling, in this training we will try to understand how and why we are doing it.

SEMANA DE LA PRIMAVERA is future perfect
April 2 – 6

With Isabelle Kirouac and Trinidad Martínez

Finding support from the floor and our partner, we will learn to trust, play off balance, catch the body waves and allow them to migrate. We will dare to dive in the moment, engage with the consequences of our actions and notice the process of holding on and letting go. This work is not about teaching a style, everyone has his own world of possibilities and this is what needs to be revealed.

10h to 14h. and open Jam 13h. to 14h.
El Quirófano, Carril de los Chornos 112 (La Arboleja), Murcia, Spain.
Price; workshops with the Jams included:
1 Week
100€ Registration before March 15
120€ Registration after March 15
2 Weeks
160€ Registration before March 15
180€ Registration after March 15
Price only for one Jam:


Isabelle Kirouac
Quebec, Canada
I’m an urban nomad, spending many years on the road. Without a place to come back to, my body became my home. I learned to adapt, to cultivate a sense of readiness, to listen and to pay attention to the rhythms of each step. Contact Improvisation is about attention. Paying attention allows us to constantly explore, to practice not knowing, to redefine ourselves in each moment. In this constant dance of holding on and letting go, we expose ourselves and witness one another. Through dance, I have developed a greater awareness of my own body while exploring the nature of my relationships with others. I believe in Contact Improvisation as a process of transformation, which turns fear into curiosity. It is a form of political action that allows us to see and be seen, to communicate through the body, to share and study intimacy, and to find ease and flow while catching the waves.
Isabelle Kirouac was a guest teacher and co-artistic director of the “II International Dance Encounter  Inesperadamente CI Murcia” held last July at the Centro Párraga Murcia, Spain.
Isabelle is a performance artist primarily trained in Contact Improvisation, release technique, somatics, physical theater, Butoh, acrobatic stilts and music. Isabelle has presented her artistic work and teaching internationally at numerous festivals, including the Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival (Israel); Symposium Imagining Bodies (Estonia); Series 8:08 (Canada); and other festivals. She is a member of The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater and collaborated and performed with Theatre Junction (Canada); Karl Frost/Body Research (San Francisco); Felix Ruckert (Berlin); Superamas (France/Austria); Flam Chen (US); NemcatacoaTeatro (Colombia); and experimental film artists Daichi Saito and Karl Lemieux (Québec).

Trinidad Martínez
Cartagena, Spain
I am interested in exploration and expression through movement in any of its artistic forms, whether it is called dance or not. I search for new vocabularies by breaking from my own esthetic and emotional limits. My aim is to reach a place where judgment and habits don’t restrict me, and where my fears don’t make me lose direction on the course I’ve set. I believe in working in a group and I’m passionate about sound and music, but silence also can sometimes guide me in new ways. I like empty spaces and to live with just a backpack.
I feel ready to move and go anywhere at any time. I feel ready to stay.
Trinidad is a freelance choreographer, dancer and dance teacher.
She co-directs the International Dance Encounter “Inesperadamente CI Murcia” in Centro Párraga, Murcia, Spain. This new, collaborative project is where she is currently focusing her personal energy. She also is the artistic assistance of Antje Pfundtner’s new performance, “Der Nussknacker,” which will premier in December at the  Kampnagel Theater, Hamburg, Germany. Last summer she accepted a Goethe Institut grant for a choreography teaching residency in La Fábrica, Cuerpo-Espacio in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where Nathalie Elghoul is the school director.
She recently worked with Pat Graney Company and Degenerate Art Ensemble in Seattle, USA, and Yolanda Gutiérrez & Projects and Antje Pfundtner in Hamburg. She has taught in numerous Contact Improvisation Festivals, including those in Sierra Nevada, California; Contact Meets Contemporary, Göttingen, Germany; and the 4th International Contact Improvisation Festival  Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. She has offered intensive dance workshops and classes since 1998, mainly in Hamburg, Murcia and Seattle.
In 2007 she went to the United States on a Fulbright Fellowship to expand her knowledge of dance improvisation, and participated in Contact Improvisation workshops and festivals.
She participates in a variety of projects aimed at people from different social backgrounds and ages including: “Altona Macht Auf! Sehnsuchtsfenster & Balcontheater” (with people from Hamburg’s Altona neighborhood) and “TuSch”, cooperation between the Stadtteilschule Barmbek und K3 Tanzplan Hamburg (a 2-year project with a class of 12-year-olds under the theme, “Identity: East meets West”). She participated in “Keeping the Faith Project” (with women in prison); “Path with Art” (with people with low income); and Wing Luke Museum (community of Asian youth). She currently works at the Abenteuerspielplatz in Wegenkamp, Hamburg, as a social worker.
In 1998 she founded the Magpai Production Group in Hamburg with the composer, musician and programmer Dayton Allemann. They have performed a variety of pieces, which have been shown internationally and at Kampnagel. Together they explored new paths for sound and movement to merge and express together, and produced shows in collaboration with other artists. From 2003 to 2007 they were part of the artistic collective La Fragua, Murcia, Spain.

Marisa Brugarolas
Murcia, Spain
Dance is a means to acknowledge life. It is a way of discovering what I don’t know at any present moment. Dance is a metaphor for life. Whatever happens in classes, rehearsals or performances, often transcends life.
When we dance, our body manifests itself and becomes a sensation, action and emotion.
We tend to consider dance and art as something separated from daily life, but can we make “this” part of our life? Is it possible to make a life from unexpected moments? Can we embrace them without fear and with curiosity? Can we have an unexpected but organized and clear life? Can our life be in constant change without going adrift? And if this is the case, is it possible to make a dance out of it? Or dance through our fears? Can we accept movement and changes as part of being alive?
Marisa is a stage artist, director, choreographer, researcher and teacher in dance and creative processes. She has directed the Interdisciplinary Project Ruedapiés since 2005. This is an integrated base project which works with people with and without disabilities in a context of mixed ability dance. This project develops pedagogically through, workshops, training and performances. Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance principles are the main tools for the development of pieces.
She taught New Languages of Movement and Composition at the Miguel Hernández University, Dance Faculty; Drama Arts School ESAD, UCAM University; National University in Costa Rica UNA and at various postgraduate university programs.
During three years, she studied and developed artistic work in the US. This was possible through Fulbright and Seneca awards. She holds a Master Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts, San Francisco State University. She is a graduate of the Integrative Arts and Somatic Movement Therapy at Moving On Center, California, Dramatic Arts (Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Spain). She is a Specialist in Composition and Improvisation at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam.
Her main Contact Improvisation background comes from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, as well as from the following San Francisco teachers: Ray Chung, Martin Keogh, Karl Frost, Carol Swann, Bill MaCoully, Andrew Harwood, Scott Wells and Alito Alessi. She also was strongly influenced by the Jams in Berkeley and Divisadero in San Francisco. Other important mentors have been Julyen Hamilton, María Muñoz (Malpelo) and Katie Duck. As complementary techniques she trained in Somatic Movement, with emphasis in Body Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, Bartennieff and Yoga.
She choreographed, directed and performed in EEUU, Europe and Spain.
Since 2003 she has been teaching New Dance and Contact Improvisation in schools in Murcia and Valencia. She teaches Integrated Dance throughout Spain, Europe and Central America.
She developed a series of solo pieces (Pieces as Objects), and collaborative works including those with Trinidad Martínez (Tomaito Rouge, Donde tú quieras) and directed six large pieces of Integrated Dance. She is currently living in Spain, working with different Contact Improvisation communities, Integrated Dance and creative process. She is writing a PHD Thesis in Integrated Dance and Contemporary Arts.