naked ideas en

the practice of being watched

9 – 12 Mai 2019
at Konventzero, Cal Rosal (Close to Barcelona)

facilitated by Ingo Reulecke and Trinidad Martínez

For artists (visual and otherwise) who would like to explore performance through improvisation. In this workshop we will explore the basic tools that are essential for creating engaging performance for an audience.

Often filled with ideas, practicing alone can be easy, but when we are in front of others we can become tense and blocked, losing all the spontaneity of the act. Of course it’s impossible to be completely natural under the eye of others. But we can nevertheless approach it, if we practice carefully and intentionally. To this end, we start with smalls steps in a safe environment, ensuring we maintain the joy and comfort of improvisation. Gaining trust and embracing feedback before stepping in front of a larger group will enable unfettered creativity.

Our beginning point is the body. We will remain connected with our intuition and let ourselves go, before attaching to ideas. Through our own movement, through ourselves, and with others, we will discover our naked ideas.

As dancers/facilitators, we are strongly interested in the interface between visual art (in its widest sense) and (movement and sound) improvisation practice


workshop: 140€, 200€ or 240€ registration made before the 1st of April.
*You can choose between one of these prices depending on how much you can pay. Our wish is to make this gathering affordable for everybody. Please consider that the „normal“ price should be 200€. That would cover expenses and the minimum teachers wage.

lodging and eating: 120€ four days
*This includes 3 meals per day and sleeping.

only meditation and yoga: 40€ before the 1st of April


1. Für Anmeldung bitte hier anklicken

2. Then transfer the price of the workshop to the following account:
Trinidad Martínez
Bank: GLS
IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 2066 1914 00
*Important: This money will not be returned, unless the organizers cancel the event. Thanks for understanding this.

short practical info

– If you are thinking to come, the plane tickets are really cheap now.
– If someone wishes only taking part at the Meditation and Yoga sessions, it is possible.
They are open for everybody, but pre-registration is required.
– The meals really good and will be mainly vegetarian. The people running the place cook for us and it taste amazing.
The sleeping rooms are group dormitories for 2 – 5 people. All the rooms are spacious and nice. They have the atmosphere of the place, it has been renovated with really good taste.The bathrooms and showers are shared ones.
– Maximum number or participants 20. Left places 15.
– Save the date for next sommer: 1-10 August Konvent Puntzero
How to arrive: You will need to fly to Barcelona. Then you need to take the bus to Cal Rosal, which costs aroung 16€ and it takes 2hours to arrive. There are several buses each day.


9h. – 10h. Meditation and Yoga Praxis
10:30h. – 14h.Improvisation/ Movement Session
16h. – 19h. Improvisation/ Movement Session

if you have some questions, suggestions or whatever please call me.Edit