Inesperadamente CI Murcia


Next coming dates: December 26, 2013  to January 5 2014 in Centro Párraga

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inesperadamente CI Murcia
II International Dance Encounter in Centro Párraga
Exploration Theme: Contact Improvisation into Performance

 July 2-15, 2012

Artistic Direction and Teaching

Isabelle Kirouac (Quebec, Canada ),Markus Hoft (Bremen, Germany), Mirva Mäkinen (Helsinki, Finland), Ingo Reulecke (Berlin, Germany), Sebastián Gómez (Murcia, Spain), Marisa Brugarolas (Murcia, Spain), Trinidad Martínez (Hamburg, Germany)

Antonio Alemanno (Italy), Raúl Frutos (Murcia, Spain)

Management and Organization
Marisa Brugarolas (Murcia, Spain), Trinidad Martínez (Hamburg, Germany), Carmen Agud (Murcia), Manuel Sánchez (Murcia)

We are excited to announce the II International Dance Encounter “Inesperadamente CI Murcia” and hope you will join us once again – or for the first time. For those who joined us before, we are designing this new Encounter especially for you, but those who are new will find this time just as exciting and enriching. We will be there for you, whatever your background and experience it is.

Our intentions are to create a project that grows and develops over time with your help and involvement. The first Encounter was incredible because of your presence and we want to try to make the most out of it again and fulfill the potentials. We don’t expect everyone who attended the first Encounter to return, but we highly encourage it as our idea is to go deeper and bring more coherence and unity to the project. We are aiming to create more space to establish dialogues and develop individually and collectively.

We are experimenting, trying things out and we would like to do that with you. Please, come and join us to this new adventure!

Theme of Exploration: Contact Improvisation into Performance

Internal and external presence is the basic key for improvising but also for performing. There is the fluctuation of whatever is inside us: perceptions, sensations, sensibility, etc., and whatever is outside: the others, space, light, etc. This will be the main theme for II Dance Encounter. It means to be an active spectator and build up from what we feel, towards what we communicate, and vice versa. To explore the area of Performance in Contact Improvisation is nothing else than to heighten our perception in every direction possible. It is a way to allow a dance to develop in integrity as well as presence.