april 8 – 11
Kampnagel, Hamburg

In this class I would like to explore the strategies used in order to begin moving and to get trained. Each dancer finds their own way to warm up, to connect with their body and become physical. I am interested in looking at this closely and in detail. Observing from which strategies we pull from to connect with ourselves, the room, the others. Where do we find inspiration, motivation, to become ready to create through movement. It is about finding awareness in the purpose of our expression or training. Do we dance just for the sake of it?  Or is it in order to train? Do we dance for the other people in the room, for an audience? How does our training influences us as people, artists? Getting our body, strong, sweaty, flexible, grounded, open, receptive, sensitive is a wonderful feeling, in this training we will aim for that, and we will understand how and why we are doing it.

10:30h.- 12h.
Kampnagel, Jarrestrasse 1, Hamburg.