What is this project all about?

_DSC3311 ret copI am amazed about how dance communities can appear and grow, where we least expect it. And I want to support any possibility for this to keep happening. (Seattle contact improvisation, dance, yoga, and aikido communities have been a big inspiration for me.)
After collaborating in several projects, Isabelle Kirouac invited me to teach at the new “ELSEWHERE-Canadian International Dance Improvisation Festival”. She is organizing it for the first time this Summer and I would like to support her and this fantastic initiative with my presence. I believe in this project and I want to do my best to be there.

Isabelle and I have been teaching together in Murcia, in the south of Spain, several times and discovered that we connect in a personal and artistic level. There is a desire of continuing developing and exploring art and dance together. I believe in the strength that comes from both of us which projects towards the outside, to the rest of the community.

“ELSEWHERE Festival” can only host 35 participants because of the fragile environment (compostable toilets, low water supplies, etc), for that reason, although the Festival is paying the teachers professionally, it is impossible to cover international airfares. We have been trying to get support from Art Councils in Canada and Germany, and also other institutions like Goethe Institut and Canada Airlines, but so far we didn’t have any luck with grant money. The economical situation around the world is also affecting strongly in the sector of the Arts, and we all have been experiencing the cuts in art programs and in the governments support. I will be grateful and honored to get your collaboration to support this project.

“ELSEWHERE” is also an opportunity to build up a larger international dance improvisation community. I initiated the “International Dance Encounter Inesperadamente CI Murcia”, in Murcia, South of Spain, which takes place since December 2011 annually and lasts two weeks. Participants have been between 60 and 80 so far. This is a long term collaborative project in which a team of dancers/teachers/choreographers direct and participate in it. “Inesperadamente” is becoming an important milestone for the Spanish dance community. It is rewarding to see people happy improvising, dancing, and creating, and I would like to do my best to follow this inertia of movement and growing together.

This is the information about the workshop that I will be teaching:


We will visit places outside in nature and use them in our dance training. We will use the qualities of wind and air, different surfaces of the ground, rocks, trees and water, link those elements to our body anatomy and let them influence our dance. We will let the body experience the different states of nature and find ways to remember them while dancing in an indoor space. How can our body remember being in nature? We want to invite dancers to open up new ways of dancing solo and in contact with others and with nature.

Being outside is not a limitation. Instead, it is an incredible source of inspiration. Once we understand this, we will feel free. We will not depend on any time and space. It is possible to dance at any time, anywhere; it is just a matter of awareness and decision making. It is a matter of adapting, listening and understanding.