tumbados sobre madera 2016 -17 en

dance / movement experimental workshop

26 – 30 December 2016
at El Quirófano, Murcia, Spain

facilitate Selu Herraiz and Trinidad Martínez

Copyright 2016 Selu Herraiz

Copyright 2016 Selu Herraiz

This year Selu Herraiz and I will be facilitating an INTENSIVE Dance Workshop at El Quirófano in Murcia: while lying down on wood, we listen to the silence. I would be really happy to see you, experiment and dance with you. Check all the information in the menu.

Lying down on wood we listen to the silence and we feel its vibration moving us. Our movement is the sound of time.

It is in this circle, that we waste time in a conscious manner, appealing to a non verbal state of the mind.

When time becomes sound and sound is movement; the movement is our time.

Selu and I have a good trajectory together, but it is the first time that we will be teaching just both of you. We would like to create from this connection, which has been developing in the last years. We invite you to come and be with us. We would like to break apart this phrases, which sound like poetic philosophy.