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Site- Specific Movement Improvisation Workshop

16 -19 Mai 2019
in Ochsenwerder, Hamburg

facilitated by Ingo Reulecke and Trinidad Martínez

where exactly? at the new space Rebelión, space for experimental art / dance and antiheros and natural surrounding areas

Photo Copyright Trinidad Martínez 2019

If you were a tree where would you grow?
We open the space and invite creative people to make the space alive. Branches are reaching. See between the leaves. The pealing color is changing.
Begining from scratch, a door opens and we have no idea what will happen. We are not in Spain, but it could be exotic- although it is here. City, Germany, land, city, soil, lakes- protecting the birds. The grass is high. In the summer, there is a beach because the surroundings make the space, a new place to be.
WHERE are my emotions, located- myself. Passion. Balance. Where can they be found?


Photo Copyright Trinidad Martínez 2019

workshop: 140€ to 200€ registration made before the 1st of April. But please lete us know if you are interested as soon as possible. We appreciate it.
*You can choose between one of these prices depending on how much you can pay. Our wish is to make this gathering affordable for everybody. Please consider that the „normal“ price should be 200€. That would cover expenses and the minimum teachers wage.
lodging: you could lodge in the space for 12€ the night. We could use my kitchen to cook together.
But if you live in Hamburg it may be better that you come every day.
only meditation and yoga: 40€ before the 1st of April

1. please fill up registration form soon

  1. Then transfer the price of the workshop to the following account:
    Trinidad Martínez
    Bank: GLS
    IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 2066 1914 00

    *Important: This money will not be returned, unless the organizers cancel the event. Thanks for understanding this.
    short practical info
    – If you are thinking to come, the plane tickets are really cheap now.
    – If someone wishes only taking part at the Meditation and Yoga sessions, it is possible.
    They are open for everybody, but pre-registration is required.
    The meals: you can bring your own food or we can buy and shop together. We will organize this with the people that decide to participate.
    – Sleeping possibilities: If you come from Hamburg you may prefer to sleep at your own place, the space it is easy to reach from Hamburg. But for everybody there is the posibility of sleeping at the dance space. You will get a matrasse but you need to bring your sleeping bag.
    – Maximum number or participants 15.
    – Save the date for next sommer: 1-10 August Konvent Puntzero
    – How to arrive and address: Ochsenwerder Kirchendeich 12, 21037 Hamburg. From Hamburg main Train Station you will have to take the bus number 120 Zeltplatz Altengamme or 124 direction Bergedorf. The bus stop is Elversweg. From there you walk 5min. to the place: Ochsenwerder Kirchendeich 12, 21037Hamburg.


    Photo Copyright Trinidad Martínez 2019

    9h. – 10h. Meditation and Yoga Praxis
    10:30h. – 14h.Improvisation/ Movement Session
    16h. – 19h. Improvisation/ Movement Session
    if you have some questions, suggestions or whatever please call me.Edit