site-specific movement improvisation workshop
facilitated by Stefanie Alf (Violin), Ingo Reulecke and Trinidad Martínez
from the 26.12.2023 to 5.1.2024
in Cabo de Palos, South of Spain
Lodging in Sub- Up. In collaboration with Centro Párraga
In this dance and improvisation workshop, we would like to focus on the writing, writing from and with the movement. At the same time allowing that dance influeces what we write, think, talk. Playing with this coming and going between words and dance. With waterfalls, fishes, waves. It could be something submarine, steep like or dry.
We would like as well to reflect on the written, to re- think, to feel the ocean, to dive.
During Summer, I did my first scuba diving workshop. I enjoyed writing between each class.


26 December: Arrival

27 – 30 December: We will dance most of the time site- specific, outside. We will let ourselves being inspired by Cabo de Palos and surrounding areas. For example: at coves, mountains, and also at the village or even at the city La Manga. (9 – 9:30h Meditation / 9:30 – 11h Yoga (in Sub up, inside) / Pause / 12:30 – 15h Dance Improvisation Session/ Pause /16 – 18h. Dance Improvisation Session)

31 December: (9 – 9:30h Meditation / 9:30 – 11h Yoga / Pause / 12:30 – 14h Dance improvisation.) The rest of the day we will have it free. Whoever is up to it, is welcome to join and we can organice something together for new year’s eve.

1 January: Free day.

 2 – 5 January:  The same like the first four days.

Optional group diving (snorkeling):
Cabo de Palos is an amazing area for diving. F
or those who are interested, we can organice one or two snorkel trips. We will have an experienced diving teacher guiding us from the diving club „Islas Hormigas“. And because the water in winter is a bit cold, we will be wearing a diving neopren suit. Last summer I got to know this club, people are super nice and professional. The price is around 40-50€ for each excursion (which is not included in the workshop price). More detais to come.


The prices of the dance workshop are on a sliding scale between 260€ and 560€. This means that you can choose between these amounts depending on how much you can afford or wish to give. We hope to make this gathering affordable for everybody. Thanks for your generosity!


The idea is to lodge together at the Sub- Up Hostel, in order to share also this living time. They make affordable prices to this dance group.
The Hostal is made with really good taste, and I felt that it is the ideal space for this encounter to happen. It has a kitchen that we can use and a place for us to practice Yoga. At the moment there is still availability but it will get full soon.

26Dec – 5January = 10nights
Room with four people, with own toilet and shower. Price for one Person = 240€
Room with two people, with own toilet and shower. Price for the room = 650€

For booking you need to transfer the money to the same account like for the workshop. Please, specify when you do the transfer!


Step 1. Please fill up the registration form below.


Step 2. Transfer  the price* of the workshop and lodging to the following account:

Trinidad Martínez
Bank: GLS IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 2066 1914 00
Please, specify in the transfer: Dance Workshop bewegungsschreiber (amount) + loging (amount)

*Important: Money will not be refunded, unless the organizers cancel the event for major reasons. Thank you for keeping this in mind.


The most important thing is to buy your plane, train or bus ticket as soon as possible. Prices go up really fast, and at the moment you can still get very good prices.

Alicante Airport: The closest airport is  Alicante (Altet). There are regular buses going from this Airport to Murcia City, but not late at night. So, please check the bus schedule before buying your plane ticket! There is also an Airport in Corvera, Murcia, but usually the prices are high.

– Buses from  Alicante (Altet) Airport to Murcia City:
Alsa bus schedule: 9:15, 10:15 (except Sat and Sun. ), 11:15, 12:15, 13:15, 15:15 (except Sat and Sun ), 16:15, 17:15, 19:15, 20:45

– Buses from Murcia to Cabo de Palos
11:00, 18:30 (it takes one hour and fifteen)

– You can also take a bus from Cartagena to Cabo de Palos. There are buses ever half an hour and it takes one hour.

– There are trains and buses from Alicante City to Murcia and Cartagena.

– Shuttle: If you arrive late in the evening to the airport, and we need to organice a pick up. It is better if you come in groups. If this is the case please plan money for it.


We will make an email group for the people that want to connect to travel together and/or sharing a room at the hostel. If it interest you, please register for this option at the registration sheet above.


Bring an appropriated yoga mat with a good grip. We will practice meditation and yoga every day.

Clothes: We will be working outside a lot. Please bring appropriated shoes (running shoes work the best for me) and comfortable warm clothes (layers work the best). Choose clothes which not only feel comfortable, but that you are comfortable being seen in. When we are moving outside, the performative aspect is automatically there. For the kind of work that we do, I recommend discrete, simple, but nice clothes.


– Maximum number or participants is 15.

– It is possible to only take part in the Meditation and Yoga Sessions. They are open to everyone, but registration is required.

– Please keep in mind that small changes to the schedule and given information are possible.

– For this intensive workshop, you need to have a minimum of two years of movement or artistic experience: dance, theater, yoga, aikido or something similar.

Come with us and dance, write, share!
We are waiting for you.

December 2022 – January 2023