Pause – Break

movement improvisation workshop

facilitated by Ingo Reulecke, Trinidad Martínez and
Felix Mayer (musician)

2 – 4 October 2020 in Ochsenwerder, Hamburg


where exactly?

at rebelión: space for experimental dance and antiheros


when registration made before 15th of September 120€, 150€ or 180€.
when registration made after 15th September 180€
Please let us know if you are interested in participating as soon as possible. We appreciate it.

*You can choose between one of these prices depending on how much you can pay. Our wish is to make this gathering affordable for everybody. Please consider that the „normal“ price should be 150€. That would cover expenses and the minimum teachers wage.


1. please fill up registration form soon

2. then transfer 60€ or the price of the workshop to the following account:

Trinidad Martínez
Bank: GLS IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 2066 1914 00

*Important: This money will not be returned, unless the organizers cancel the event.
Thanks for understanding this.


There are some lodging places very close to the dance space which we recommend: Ferien wohnung Bett am Deich, Pension Deichnest oder Appartement „Zum Ochsenwerder Vogelhaus“. But if you live in Hamburg you may prefer to commute every day. If you need more information or ideas, please ask me (Trinidad).

short practical info

– The meals: you can bring your own food or we can buy and shop together. We will organize this with the people that decide to participate.

– If someone wishes only taking part at the Meditation and Yoga sessions, it is possible. They are open for everybody, but registration is required.

– Maximum number or participants 10.

– How to arrive and address: Ochsenwerder Kirchendeich 12, 21037 Hamburg. From Hamburg main Train Station you will have to take the bus number 120 Zeltplatz Altengamme or 124 direction Bergedorf or 122.
The bus stop is Elversweg. From here you walk 5min. to the place: Ochsenwerder Kirchendeich 12, 21037Hamburg.


6 – 8pm Improvisation/ Movement Session
Saturday and Sunday
9 – 9:30am Meditation
9:30 – 11am Yoga Praxis
12 – 2pm Improvisation/ Movement Session
4 – 6pm Improvisation/ Movement Session
6 – 7pm Silent open space for body work, stretching, writing, meditating, etc.

© 2019 Hilke Packmohr

What does it mean to take a break? Is it possible to stop the brain from thinking? I believe in our daily life we underestimate the value of pausing, of taking the time to reset, for regenerating, creating space.
We would like to explore the theme of pausing, noticing how pauses affect us or affect our dancing, our composition. Is it a pause the same thing like a stop, or a break? When we take a break, what do we do? How do we feel before or after it? What qualities can a pause have?

A pause is like an in between, maybe something unknown. If we contemplate it like a non existing time, it could be scary,like vacuum or a hole. A break has to do with destroying. Then, we can begin again.