Kulturschloss Wandsbek
Reclaiming real time composition
For an audience free of expectations and full of audacity

Friday 2.6.23 at 6p.m.
and 16.6.23 at 8p.m.
At the Kulturschloss Wandsbek (Königsreihe 4, 22041Hamburg)
Price: Sliding scale 0.- bis 30.-
Tickets: The performance evening, directly at the theater

Ulrike Brand: cello
Marc Pira: electronics
Leonid Kharlamov: radio, melodica
Chad Popple: percussion
Teresa Hoffmann: dance, movement
Ingo Reulecke: dance, movement
Gunnar Lettow: prep. e-bass, objects, electronics (16.6.)
Sten Rudstrom: dance, movement (2.6.)
Trinidad Martínez: dance, movement and artistic direction

Ramona Suresh: production
Fabia Mekus: production

They say go and you go.
This project invites musicians and dancers to be as radical as they wish to be. To be as present as they desire. To get into spaces which are uninhabited and to make them crowded. Accepting the evolution of life, the changes in time and space. Not getting stuck in one state of being. Not staring at an empty computer screen. Being drawn into a child’s way of being. Children don’t know yet how to count. Music.
Finding a piece of paper, deciding what pulls the trigger. Searching for curious eyes, enthusiastic minds. Crashing of words, languages, poems and structure. Composing with all the elements and none of them. Burning desire, the excitement of performing. No biography, no past and future.
Feeling at home with a warm open-minded audience.

Gefördert durch die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg – Bezirksamt Wandsbek

Das Konzert ist Teil von blurred edges – Festival für aktuelle Musik in Hamburg, 2. Juni – 18. Juni.
blurred edges 2023 wird gefördert von der Behörde für Kultur und Medien der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung und dem Musikfonds e.V. Berlin.

Image©Leonid Kharlamov2023