reflecting is not concluded

4.6.2022_ 18:00h.
At the Atelier Clemencia Labin, Lerchenstrasse 87, 22767 Hamburg

Music/Sound: Marc Pira and Leonid Kharlamov
Dance/Movement: Teresa Hoffmann and Trinidad Martínez

In a kind of hallway people are constantly passing and sharing their current states and problems. I feel like a stone in the water, where everything touches me in passing, like a passive participant in a stream of happenings. If I were just a reflection of the input, I would mirror everything without absorbing it.

Where am I at the moment? I feel almost too comfortable in my daily life, discovering the satisfaction of baking a cake, of seeing the windows finally clean, of re-discovering the spaces of my ex-roomate. Excited about waking up tomorrow and having a long meditation session, craving a long writing session. Living in limbo – not reflecting enough, not being able to finish, always doing something without a sense of closure or conclusion. Concluding feels one sided. Reflecting is not concluded.

Reflecting is the art of receiving and giving back without keeping something just to yourself. 4 performers practice the state of reflecting as a way to understand bodies as channels rather than sponges.

quartet asymmetry

6.6.2022_ 18:00h.
At the Atelier Clemencia Labin, Lerchenstrasse 87, 22767Hamburg

Musicians: Birgit Ulher (trumpet, radio, speaker, objects, schreiben…) and Michael Thieke (clarinet)
Dancers: Ingo Reulecke and Trinidad Martínez

It is a big space with open walls and sunlight. The street seems to enter. There is a certain asymmetry which will be filled up with the four of us, two musicians and two dancers. Whoever is in the space belongs to it. Movement and sound create a composition, unifying, generating new combinations, a poetic unknown evening.

Das Konzert ist Teil von blurred edges – Festival für aktuelle Musik in Hamburg, 3. – 19.  Juni. blurred edges 2022 wird gefördert von der Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg.

reflecting is not concluded Bild von Leonid Kharlamov
Quartet Asymmetry Bild von Birgit Ulher